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Founder and CEO of Rite Response

Vonda Tackett
Founder and CEO
of Rite Response

Vonda Tackett is founder and CEO of Rite Response, the answering and call center service that she started in 1987 with very modest means and the help of her mother, the late Jimmie Sanford. With a background in sales and management, Vonda knew that there was a demand for high-quality answering and call center services, which many times went unmet. She quickly dove into an opportunity which she refers to as one of her greatest blessings. Initially the “operators” hand wrote the messages, which were filed by account number in a big plastic two tier turn wheel containing color coded instruction cards. Talk about finding a smarter way to take calls and deliver messages! The front line team members are now fondly referred to as “representatives,” because they are so much more than telephone operators. They represent their companies well and are an extension of the companies they answer for. Vonda has always believed that to deliver the highest quality service, she must continually look to do things differently than the status quo. Today that drive to find better ways to meet the needs of her customers has resulted in a five star rating, and recognition for service excellence by the Better Business Bureau for the past two years, including the Pinnacle Award in 2010 and Award of Excellence in 2011. With headquarters in Houston, servers in a secure data center located in Austin, a virtual center in Dallas, and dual redundancy in critical areas, Vonda and her team remain steadfast and ready to serve customers at the highest availability level, 24-7. When Hurricane Ike hit Houston in 2008, it paralyzed the city. Vonda’s customers continued to be served even when their own employees couldn’t get to work. Rite Response has undergone many positive changes, including a change of address. Previously located at 726 West 19th Street, in the Heights area of Houston, Rite Response purchased their own building in 2001 which is located at 730 North Loop, also in the Heights.

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