Why You Need A Bilingual Answering Service

Why You Need A Bilingual Answering Service

It’s a fact that the United States is one of the world’s largest Spanish-speaking countries. Offering your customers service in English or Spanish shows you care about all of your customers, no matter which language they prefer.

Exceptional customer service is just one of the many reasons to work with a bilingual answering service. Here are a few more reasons it’s a smart move to hire call service personnel fluent in English and Spanish.

The Added Value Of Bilingual Workers

When you call a company with a special request, a need for basic information or an issue to resolve, you expect your call to be handled professionally. You also expect your call to be managed quickly, no matter how technical or complex your issue. If your first language is Spanish, your expectations are no different. Speaking with someone who understands and can explain the solution in terms you can quickly grasp is a wonderful benefit in itself.

Did you know that another benefit of hiring bilingual employees is that they tend to possess better communication skills? They are better listeners, and therefore, give a boost to the quality of your customer care. Research has also shown that they are excellent multi-taskers, improving overall productivity.

When Help Is Needed And Time Is Short

If you work in the medical professions, the energy industry or a government agency, emergency calls must be handled professionally. A healthcare business may need to dispatch paramedics or emergency staff off-site or respond quickly to an urgent call. It goes without saying that a bilingual call answering service can shave minutes off a call and potentially save lives.

In the case of an environmental disaster or a power outage, clients who need information or wish to make a report will feel reassured when the voice on the line can understand them without delay and respond appropriately.

Bilingual phone professionals are also able to convey a sense of calm and trust, as well as cultural sensitivity for their Hispanic callers — a great benefit in tense, time-sensitive situations.

A Sincere Measure Of Customer Care

Your customers will trust your company when they have the ability of being served in their native tongue. Quickly responding to your Spanish-speaking customer concerns will result in greater overall efficiency. You’ll build trust in your brand when you invest in solutions that reach all of your customers, regardless of whether English is their first language.

Companies that partner with a bilingual answering service reduce the common frustration experienced by callers who hang up feeling unsatisfied — and look for other businesses to spend their hard earned money on next time.

Why Choose Our Bilingual Answering Service?

At Texas-based Rite Response, the foundation of our business is unparalleled customer care for our clients nationwide. Contact us at our Houston office at (713)868-7500 or toll-free at (866)838-RITE today to learn about our flexible service options to serve your English and Spanish-speaking customers.

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