Why Use A Call Center For Outgoing Calls?

Why Use A Call Center For Outgoing Calls?

For companies that serve a large volume of clients, scheduling appointments weeks in advance, appointment reminders are essential for avoiding costly no-shows.

Did you know that a call center can reduce the time spent by your admin staff making outgoing calls for you, including appointment reminders? Learn more about this cost-effective service that will increase productivity and keep your customers on schedule.

The Benefits Of Outgoing Call Services

An answering service can do more than handle live calls. Professional phone staff can be tasked with outgoing calls as well including surveys, marketing projects or follow up calls. Using an outgoing call service for these types of tasks can save your business time and money, freeing up regular staff to focus on customer service or activities that generate revenue.

Other benefits of using an outgoing call service include:

  • Increased revenue when appointments are kept
  • Improved customer relations (via surveys and follow up calls)
  • Time saved by outsourcing outgoing calls
  • New customers reached with marketing calls
  • Overall productivity improved with call automation

When you work with a professional answering service, you can choose from a host of flexible options. For example, you may want to hire live personnel to conduct phone surveys or choose an automated appointment reminder service. Choose the service that makes the most sense for your customers and your unique business needs.

Automated Appointment Reminders

In legal, medical and dental officesin particular, it’s common to schedule appointments with patients and clients weeks — sometimes even months — in advance. The problem, of course, is a high incidence of no-shows. Clients may fail to write their appointment on their calendar or it slips their mind. Unfortunately, no-shows are costly to businesses. Too many missed appointments in any given month can add up to a serious problem that negatively impacts your profits.

An automated appointment reminder service offers a simple, affordable solution to reducing no-shows. Your clients receive a recorded call, text message or email 24-48 hours in advance reminding them of their appointment time. The system significantly reduces the time required to contact everyone on your calendar; the only thing your staff needs to do is upload your appointments in advance via your scheduling software or spreadsheet document. The automated system takes care of the rest.

Could Your Business Benefit From Outgoing Call Services?

Small businesses and large companies alike rely on their customer service reputation for repeat business and word of mouth referrals. Working with a professional answering service to handle your incoming and outgoing calls can improve productivity in the office, freeing you and your staff up to offer your clients the best, most attentive care. You’ll also save a bundle with appointment reminders handled for you via automated call services, reducing no-shows and dedicated staff time focused on more meaningful tasks.

To learn more about how Rite Response can help you grow your business with outgoing call services, contact us toll-free at (866)838-RITE, at our Houston office at (713)868-7500 or via our online contact form. A Texas-based answering service, Rite Response serves clients nationwide with bilingual (English/Spanish) call center services to meet your needs.

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