Why Live Answering Services Are Better Than Voicemail

Why Live Answering Services Are Better Than Voicemail

Over the past few years there’s been a massive change in how we communicate. Technology allows us to talk or transmit messages instantly, day or night, by phone, altering our expectations. Our tolerance for being placed on hold or leaving voicemails is extremely low. Most of us won’t hesitate to walk away from a business that keeps us waiting on hold more than a minute or two or sends our call to voicemail.

As a business owner, you know how challenging it can be to keep up with your daily calls, voicemails and messages. A live answering service might just be the solution for your business, and is gaining popularity as a cost-effective alternative to letting calls go to voicemail.

The Benefits Of A Live Operator

It’s well known that first impressions matter in business. Having a live operator on standby to pick up each call by the second ring, handling each call professionally, will make the right impression. In addition to preventing your customers from waiting on hold, being transferred through an automated system or going to voicemail, a live operator can:

• Answer calls around the clock, even on weekends and holidays
• Respond to basic inquiries and provide information
• Set and reschedule appointments
• Dispatch calls to the right person in your organization
• Handle urgent calls by contacting you via phone or text

Many businesses find it much more efficient to have a live person available to keep them up to date on their messages rather than calling in to voicemail. A live answering service can also streamline operations by eliminating distractions so you can focus on serving your customers and revenue-generating activities. You can also have an answering service make outgoing calls for you that help bring in more business.

How An Answering Service Can Save Money

Hiring a virtual operator to field calls can be a real money saver, especially for small businesses. Working with an answering service is much more affordable than hiring a regular employee when you factor in wages, insurance, benefits, vacation and sick time. Investing in a live operator can also make an enormous difference to your overall productivity, allowing you and your staff to focus on tasks that promote your brand, bring in customers and increase revenue.

Your customers will appreciate knowing their calls will be answered quickly and courteously — and you’ll avoid being overwhelmed by a long list of customers to get back to. Financially speaking, what is one of the best benefits to a business? Over time, your improved customer service will result in more sales and increased revenue.

Ready To Hire A Live Answering Service?

Rite Response of Houston, Texas is a US-based professional answering service with customers nationwide. To learn more about how we can help streamline your operations with bilingual answering services that eliminate voicemail, improve productivity and save your business money, contact us today at (866)838-RITE.

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