Using An Answering Service As A Call Center For Order Processing

Using An Answering Service As A Call Center For Order Processing

If your business is dependent on phone orders, you either need dedicated employees to man the phones or you need to procure call center services to ensure you do not miss calls. Orders mean revenue, and missed calls mean lost revenue. To make sure that this does not happen, many businesses utilize the call center services offered by answering services to pick up the calls, process the order, and manage the customer service that goes along with order taking.

While many companies utilize automated answering systems (IVR’s) to facilitate ordering, many people prefer the human touch when they call in and may even need it at certain parts of the process.

Understanding The Order Taking Process

What is involved in order taking?

• A live representative speaks directly to the customer who may already be calling for a specific item. The caller may also need information before deciding exactly what to order. The call center representative can provide information about items if the caller has questions, and then input the order into the database.

• In the process of taking the order, the representative can also upsell and cross sell items, which means that customers who called in to buy a pair of shoes might follow suggestions to buy several pair in different colors, buy a more costly style, or even buy a matching purse. The representative would suggest related products naturally, as upselling and cross selling are built into the script they use as a basis for their contacts.

• When what you have to sell involves installation, service calls, or warranties, a live representative can capture the additional revenue involved. The customer is happy at having the whole transaction from purchase and installation, to maintenance and repair, handled with one call, and your company earns more revenue without having to make additional calls.

• Aside from taking orders, call center representatives can answer questions about order status, payment issues, shipping problems, and other matters pertaining to orders. Providing this service can give customers confidence in your company, which makes them interested in repeat ordering.

• If your company uses an IVR system to capture orders, call center personnel should be on hand in case the call is transferred to an operator. A live person can answer questions not provided in the product description, suggest a replacement item if something is out of stock, or even deal with credit issues. Often, using a partially automated answering system in conjunction with live representatives for overflow calls is the most cost-effective way to provide service.

Managing Call Flow

To handle these needs, companies either have their own call center, or they outsource the operation. In either case, the problem is that sales activity may peak at certain times of the year while being slow at other times. An answering service is the perfect solution to prevent having a large pool of representatives who may not be busy enough to justify having on payroll full time.

An answering service business is set up to manage call flow so they can properly assign personnel to your job when needed. You only pay for the workers that your activity level justifies, while having the service handle payroll, taxes and paperwork out of the fee you pay.

To explore the benefits of using Right Response to handle your call center needs or supplement your own order processing personnel, call us today at (713) 868-7500 or (866) 838-RITE.

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