Use Rite Response For Outgoing Calls

Use Rite Response For Outgoing Calls

Using A Call Center For Outgoing Calls

When making outgoing calls is a vital part of your business, how do you handle it? For many companies, the answer is to use current employees to make a few calls in addition to their other duties or maybe even hire people specifically for outgoing calls. The more dependent your business is on the success of outgoing calls, the more sophisticated your needs for a well- trained team of calling professionals is. The best way to make your business grow may be to use a dedicated call center with the experience to set up, manage, and execute a calling program.

How Call Centers Operate

In a call center, operators typically use state-of-the art dialing equipment to reach customers or potential prospects. Using a script to guide their conversation, the callers asks the questions that you, as the client, want asked, but the call center administrators help frame the way the inquiries are made. When you work with a call center, you not only hire a pool of qualified callers, but also people with experience in questionnaire design, execution, and evaluation. As the workers make the calls, supervisors monitor a sample of outgoing calls to make sure that the script is effective and to ensure quality-control.

Predicting Work Flow

Using a call center for outgoing calls also ensures that the proper amount of staff are on hand to do the job, without having a lull. Some businesses might have a virtually endless list of people to call, while others might have fluctuating needs. If you run your own outgoing call operation with workers hired for this purpose, you might be wasting your money if the people have no other duties. And, if your response to lack of work is to call off shifts or send people home early, you might have a problem with turnover from those who need and want steady hours.

Call centers are staffed with an abundance of trained workers who can work your job exclusively until the work is complete for the day, and then be assigned to another project. To ensure proper staffing for all the jobs they handle, a call center knows the call patterns of each client, as to the average number of calls that can be made per hour and the average length of each call for particular jobs. By examining their data, they know that a particular call might take 10 minutes, but that an operator may have to make an average of five dials to get a live answer.

In some settings, where clients have a need for both answering services and outbound calls, some callers might serve a dual role as blended agents who answer incoming calls and then switch to outgoing calls as the need arises. Predictive dialing equipment alerts the workers when they are to take calls vs. making them. This utilizes both the time and skills of the callers and reduces costs for you. The beauty of using a call center is that they handle all staffing issues.

What Types Of Functions Do Call Centers Handle?

Types of business functions that are a particularly good match for outsourcing include:

  • Collections
  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Telemarketing
  • Telesales
  • Market research
  • Mystery shopping
  • Licensed insurance sales
  • Warranty program sales
  • Seminar and event registration
  • Appointment setting

Let Rite Response Handle Your Calls

Rite Response of Houston, TX offers call center staff and services you need to reach out to customers and prospects by making outgoing calls for all types of industries. To learn how our services can help you grow your busines fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call today at 866.826.RITE or 713.868.7500.

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