I started using Rite Response 10 years ago while employed as Service Manager for the 4th largest mechanical contractor in Houston Texas.
Prior to contracting with Rite Response we would get calls in the middle of the night for messages to our office staff that clearly could have waited until business hours.
I worked with the owner (Vonda Tackett) to develop a call strategy and I finally slept through the night.
Eight years ago I went to work for one of the four industrial HVAC manufacturers in the US as their East Texas Service Center Manager. I brought Rite Response with me to help me build my business. They had evolved with the type of technology to better communicate with my  old and new customers, and have always been one of the most important team members to my business unit.
I have always found them a great value and I do not know how you put a price on a lost customer that simply wanted to talk to a caring human being, when they were in crisis mode.

John L.,

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