Let Your Answering Service Book Appointments In Greater Houston

Let Your Answering Service Book Appointments In Greater Houston

As any good salesperson knows, having a steady flow of appointments leads to an ongoing flow of sales. Unfortunately, making appointments with qualified prospects takes time that detracts from the actual sales process, so many salespeople do not like to spend time making appointments. Using calling services from Rite Response Answering Services of Houston, TX, allows your sales force the maximum amount of time in the field by taking over the appointment-setting process.

Finding The Most Qualified Prospects

Within the sales profession, there is a debate as to whether setting appointments is a numbers game whereby a large number of calls will produce appointments or whether more and better quality appointments result from contacting targeted prospects. Current thinking is that calling targeted prospects leads to good, solid appointments that a salesperson can work to convert to sales.

At Rite Response, we will work with your list and an effective script that we help you carefully craft to get high quality appointments for you. By asking the right questions, our calling professionals can determine whether this prospect has a need for your product or service, the means to afford your service, and the appropriate time frame for purchasing.

Rite Response Works With Consumers And Business Prospects

For example, if your company sells chairlifts to help seniors get up and down stairs, we can verify that the prospect is a homeowner with the need for the product, along with the financing, savings, or insurance to pay the $1,000-10,000 costs for the unit plus installation. We will learn if the person is looking to buy within three months, six months, a year, or more. A good script will tactfully solicit this information so that the sales representative can present the product.

We set appointments for both residential and commercial prospects. If you sell waterjet cutting machines, we will verify that the prospects are machine shop owners with the need for this specialized CNC equipment, which typically is priced at a minimum of $50,000. At your direction, we might ask about the markets that the shop serves, along with the timeframe for purchase.

The purpose of prequalifying prospects is to ensure that they are serious candidates for purchasing your goods and services. Sales calls are costly in both time and travel, so making appointments with prequalified individuals allows the sales team to concentrate on viable potential buyers. The goal is to have a knowledgeable salesperson walk into an appointment and have a conversation about the product that results in a sale. Our calling team even confirms appointments to cut down on no-shows.

Let Rite Response Further Your Sales Goals

Appointment setting services from Rite Response can identify great potential leads that your sales staff can turn into customers. To find out how this might work for you, contact us today at (713) 868-7500 or (866) 838-RITE. Based in Houston, Beaumont, and San Antonio, Texas, we serve a nationwide customer base.

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