Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness

For Most Businesses, it’s a lot more than “What’s in the Hurricane Kit”

As a business, how much of your revenue and customer service is generated by your inbound and outbound calls? For most businesses, it is a very large percentage. In fact, losing the ability to take and process calls could possibly result in total business failure.

Some simple feature enhancements, such as; “Busy/No Answer–Call Forward”, “Remote Call Forwarding” and/or pre-programmed “Disaster Routing” are available via a business’s telephone vendor. These value added features that many businesses are unaware of, are inexpensive, (no equipment to buy), and are very simple to set up.

These features, in combination with outsourcing to Rite Response, may very well be a life saver, especially during a hurricane or other disaster. The “Busy/No Answer–Call Forward”, “Remote Call Forwarding” and/or pre-programmed “Disaster Routing” will, when implemented, send a customer’s calls to our system, where the Representatives will then answer and process the calls.

These telephony features, along with Rite Response technology, utilized in combination with the more common preparations such as, knowing your evacuation route, what your employee’s plans are, collecting/purchasing the appropriate supplies, etc., will many times see a business through the worst disaster.

While technology may never equal 100%, Rite Response, with headquarters in Houston, telecommunications servers in an Austin Telecom Collocation Datacenter, and three additional locations in Texas, Rite Response continues to maintain a very high availability rating and is at your service 24-7.

For additional consideration and planning, link to: “Hurricane Preparedness for Businesses”, prepared by the “Plans Unit, Division of Emergency Management”

For additional information:

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