How To Create A Script For Your Call Representatives

How To Create A Script For Your Call Representatives

Interactions between your customers and your call center representatives are not random contacts between strangers, but instead send effective business messages from you to them. Whether a customer is calling into leave a message for someone else, or has a need to be addressed by whoever answers the phone, you have the opportunity to assure them that their request is in good hands. Right Response, professionals in the answering service and call center industry, can help you create the perfect script to build your business and instill confidence in your customers.

Fulfilling The Goals Of Scripts Effectively

The goal in scripting is to have representatives sound natural while they obtain the right information from the customer in order to meet their needs. A good script not only includes nuts and bolts questions that are necessary to help the customer, but also includes positive words proven to keep customers confident that your representative is handling the situation.

Even if your representatives are not required to read your script word for word, you can offer examples of what to include in statements they make. If you want your calling personnel to repeat your script word for word, make sure to test the wording extensively. Cumbersome phrases and long sentences may look effective on paper, but can be off-putting to customers who want your operator to cut to the chase.

Words Convey Confidence

Whether customers call your company just looking for service or whether they have a complaint, they want to feel confident that whoever they speak with has the power to help them. They do not want to feel that their request is in the hands of a powerless individual who may or may not even deliver their message, much less help them work out a solution. Your representative, whether it is your employee or someone from an answering service on the line, should sound confident and sprinkle the conversation with positive words such as:

  • “Definitely!” “I will definitely get that message to Mr. Roberts immediately.”
  • “Certainly!” I certainly understand your frustration Mrs. Jones. Let‘s get this resolved.”
  • “Fantastic!” “You want 5 of the A 12742? That is a fantastic choice”

Words Reassure

Reassuring words, delivered with the proper tone, builds customer confidence whether your business is a funeral home, a sales center, or an accounting service. Continuous use of common phrases will build confidence:

  • “What I can do for you is…”
  • “I apologize for your inconvenience…”
  • “I am happy to help you today…”
  • “I understand why you are upset…”
  • “Be assured that…”

Whether the caller is right or wrong, incorporating reassuring phrases can get them into a better frame of mind for discussing the issue at hand. If the person has called to make a purchase, the right words can increase sales and encourage repeat business.

The Right Words Help You Meet Your Business Goals

No matter what type of call your representatives are handling, or what phase of the call they are in, there are ways of saying things to produce desired results. For example, whether you want to upsell a product or encourage a caller to take actions to prevent future problems, you can use words that recommend an action rather than demand it. For example, if a customer is complaining that they were transferred several times before reaching anyone that can help them, you can say “I sincerely apologize for your inconvenience. If you have this problem again, Mr. Jones, I might suggest that you call this number for direct service rather than the one you called.”

What do you hope to accomplish with your business scripts? Right Response will help you define your goals and create effective scripts that use the right words. For information contact us today at (713) 868-7500 or (866) 838-RITE or via our website.

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