How Can A Sole Entrepreneur Benefit From Using An Answering Service?

How Can A Sole Entrepreneur Benefit From Using An Answering Service?

How Can A Sole Entrepreneur Benefit From Using An Answering Service?

The Internet is the great equalizer of businesses. When someone comes to your site, they cannot tell whether they are dealing with a large business or a one-person show operated from someone’s kitchen table. Customers may care about the size of a business as long as they feel confident that it can provide the goods and services they want. As a solopreneur or a small business, you can project an air of confidence by using an answering service.

How Do You Answer Your Calls?

When calls come into the business, you have several choices for handling them.

  • You can field calls yourself.
  • You can have the calls go through an automated answering machine.
  • You can hire a full or part-time receptionist.

Your customers want to speak to a live human to have their needs serviced, and as a business owner, you need to spend time getting new clients and retaining existing customers. There is a fourth alternative: using a remote live receptionist. This option allows you to service customers whenever they call, while being cost-effective. You exude a level of professionalism that makes the size of your business irrelevant.

How Using An Answering Service Can Help You

When you use an answering service to provide remote live receptionist services, you have the opportunity to train the person who will answer your calls in the particulars of your business. The service offers more than someone saying, “Thank you for calling Smith Company. Mr. Smith is out right now. Is there a message?” You get a live person who appears to be part of the team. Depending on the level of service you require, the person can take a message, transfer the call, or even make an appointment for a customer who has no knowledge that he is reaching a live voice in Houston, Texas for a business owner who is based in Chicago, Illinois.

The Economic Advantage

Many small businesses minimize their operating expenses by using an answering service. The economics are compelling.

  • It saves you money. Paying the wages and taxes for an employee adds up, especially when you figure in staff turnover, vacation, time off, liability, and other costs of directly employing someone. Your employee may have a considerable amount of downtime. When you use an answering service, you only pay for time the person spent actively fielding your calls, not idle time between calls.
  • It saves you space. If your business is in your home or in a small rented space, there may not be enough room for additional personnel. Especially if you work out of your home, you might not want “employees” invading your personal space. Using an answering service allows you to get the help you need from someone who is not physically present in your home office. Not only are you spared from providing space, you also save on equipment and supplies, as most answering services have their own equipment for their personnel to work on. As your business grows, you can keep virtual staff busy without having to plan for physical office space expansion.
  • It gives you flexibility when you need it. As a new business, you might not have a steady volume of calls, but you might experience times when you receive more calls.. Your virtual receptionist could step in for a special project, a high-volume time of year, or on a more permanent basis.

Whether you have a one-person company or multiple locations, Rite Response of Houston, Texas can provide the friendly, knowledgeable, professional voices you want to represent your business. For more information, fill out the contact form to the right or call us at 866.838.RITE or 713.868.7500.

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