How Can An Answering Service Maximize Your Hot Leads During The Holidays?

How Can An Answering Service Maximize Your Hot Leads During The Holidays?

Over the holidays, you may want to be with your family or take a vacation, but your business goes on as clients call in need of your services. The best way to manage leads over the holidays or any other time when demand for services is more than your staff can handle is with Rite Response, answering services based in Houston, TX.

Do Your Customers Need Immediate Service?

You might think that over the holidays, customers are concentrating on their own celebrations. However, situations arise when customers need services immediately:

  • After too much partying, someone gets arrested and needs a lawyer, so they place a call to your law office immediate assistance.
  • Right in the midst of holiday festivities, someone’s furnace goes out or the sink backs up, situations that call for immediate repair. Customers place a call to you as an HVAC specialist or plumber.
  • Your advertising for exercise equipment is timely during the days when people frequently get serious about weight loss, so the phones in your call center are ringing off the hook.
  • Your catering business is in high demand over the holidays. Clients may call with requests for changes in the amount of food required at any time.
  • Your customers realize the need to get their financial affairs in order at the end of the year, so they want to book an appointment with your accounting service in early January.
  • A big snowfall suddenly creates increased demand for your snowplow business.

Regardless of what business you are in, these calls are hot leads that will help you grow your business. You simply cannot afford to ignore them. You need a politeoperator to pick up the call and handle it professionally.

Let Rite Response Handle Your Hot Leads

However, being attentive to your current and potential customers does not mean that you or your staff must always be on duty to field calls. The staff at Rite Response can handle the calls by answering the phone, screening callers to determine need and urgency, and passing emergency messages along to you.

What’s more, if your business sells a product, our trained agents can take orders and, using a script of your choosing, can even upsell callers. When your business depends on website sales, our staffers can process orders that come in.

We Specialize In Overflow Answering Services In Houston, TX

Some businesses anticipate being busy over the holidays, which means that even though your entire staff is hard at work, you may still be swamped. Rite Response, which provides staff for overflow times that occur throughout the year, can supplement your workforce to provide the coverage you need to serve your customers and maximize hot sales leads.

When you need emergency backup or planned overflow services to capture hot leads, Rite Response can help. Just call us today at (713) 868-7500 or (866) 838-RITE. We serve clients nationwide from our centers in Houston, Beaumont and San Antonio, Texas.

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