Four Reasons To Use An Answering Service For Your Business

Four Reasons To Use An Answering Service For Your Business

Four Reasons To Use An Answering Service For Your Business

Despite the availability of high tech, automated answering equipment, many companies prefer to use an answering service. Will this work for you? Is the company you choose to work with a good match for your needs?

As a business owner, you want to have calls answered in a professional, yet cost-effective way. Many businesses of all size find that an answering service is the way to go, whether they select an automated attendant who handles the least part of the call or provides live virtual representatives. Why could an answering service be right for you?

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Why Hire An Answering Service?

There are four main reasons that business people choose to have both inbound and outbound calls handled by an answering service rather than employees, or even on-site temporary workers.

  • The approach saves money. Hiring an employee can be costly, since the total of outlay for each worker is not just wages but also taxes, Social Security contributions, and insurance and other benefits. If your business is new, you may not be able to afford this ongoing expense until you know how your cash flow will be. You may have great fluctuations in your needs, depending on the season or on promotional campaigns that you are running. You may have times when just answering the phone do not merit a full-time worker. In addition, depending on your business, you may need 24-hour responsiveness when it’s not cost-effective to have a live person on standby. When you work with the service, you typically only pay for the time spent doing your work and for the length of calls.
  • The workers are focused on your job. The people who are assigned to handle your calls often have their pay tied to the time they are actually working. This means that you are not the one paying for the normal interruptions that an employee might have in the course of a day, such as personal phone calls, lunch breaks, leaving early, socializing, etc.
  • The staff knows your business. When you want the person who answers the phone to do more than take messages, you expect them to have proper training and industry knowledge. An answering service can train its personnel to not only be polite and friendly, but also to make sure that they have completed the necessary training for your business.
  • The technology is state-of-the-art. An entry-level single- or multi-line system may not be a major expense, but it may prove insufficient for your needs or offer complex features you find hard to use. When you work with an answering service, they can often provide equipment or work with contractors or virtual staff who have the right combination of computer equipment and web tools to do your job. Having an answering service eliminates the need to buy equipment and technology updates.

Personalized Answering Services From Rite Response

As a business owner, you only want to take on new employees when you have enough work to keep them busy on a regular basis. Answering services from Rite Response of Houston, Texas offers you a viable alternative to over-hiring and advance hiring, while offering 24/7 coverage if you need it. For information about service that is personalized to your needs and budget, fill out the Contact Form to the right or call us today at 866.838.RITE or 731.868.7500.

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