Energy Industry

Answering Services for the Energy Industry

post-img17As a company in the energy industry, you provide customers with valuable products and services that also pose some dangers. When your customers report leaks, outages, spills, burst pipes, or damage related to your product, you need 24/7 coverage that allows you to dispatch a technician to check out the problem or, in the case of a more widespread emergency, notify the proper officials. Callers are often worried about their safety, or that of their family, employees, or neighborhood, so when they call your hotline, they want a competent, yet reassuring voice at the other end, that will ask the right questions, take accurate messages, and do the necessary follow-up to respond to the call.

Handling Non-Emergency Calls

Having a live answering service for emergency calls can go a long way to keep your employees and customers safe, and build your company’s reputation as a caring and responsible provider. Using a competent answering service can also help you field non-emergency calls in a positive way. While you can offer information such as hours of operation, holiday closings, and locations on a phone message, only a trained representative can respond to other types of questions or transfer calls to the appropriate contact in your company.

Why Hire An Answering Service?

To meet your needs for round the clock answering services, you could hire and train personnel, invest in the infrastructure, and devote the time required to manage additional staff, while paying for taxes, benefits, costly salaries, and equipment they need to do their jobs. Many companies, however, prefer the economics of having a core staff and leaving the rest to Rite Response. The personnel that manage your calls are well-trained and could help respond to the type of concerns that your customers may have, based on the personalized script that we will work with you to develop.

Rite Response also specializes in assisting with disaster recovery. Whether the problem is localized or area wide, we can help you maintain contact with employees, management, and customers until the threat has passed.

Secure Answering Services for Energy Companies

Whether you need a complete phone service staff, additional personnel to provide after hours, lunch, or vacation coverage, Rite Response of Houston, TX offers solutions for energy companies. To learn how we can assist your operation, fill out the contact form to the right or give us a call today at 866.828.RITE or 713.868.7500.

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