Does Your Answering Service Have An Emergency Back Up Plan?

Does Your Answering Service Have An Emergency Back Up Plan?

When you’re business depends on your phone service, you need to make sure that even in case of emergency, your customers can reach you. This seems obvious in the case of a healthcare business, but if you’re livelihood depends on selling products, offering utility services, offering crisis assistance, or being on hand for you clients in jail, phone problems can prevent you from serving your customers. When selecting an answering service, make sure you work with one that has an emergency backup plan based on the latest technology for business continuity.

Protect Your Business By Partnering With A Reliable Answering Service

Even a storm that disrupts the power for a few hours can inconvenience your callers and interrupt your business. When natural disasters or accidents strike your area or your facilities, your very existence is at risk. Having a backup plan to protect your communication system in case of short or long-term interruption can preserve and strengthen your operations.

Part of your preparation for any type of outage should be to partner with an answering service that has an emergency plan to assist you. Even if you select an answering service based in your hometown, when disaster strikes they should have a mix of physical and virtual measures in place to protect you.

Elements Of An Effective Emergency Backup Plan

There are several ways that an answering service can do this. The first way is through smart site placement. The service might own multiple sites, with some located in areas less susceptible to disaster. Even if one site is regularly used, it should be easy to transfer operations to another site in case of emergency. Each site should have backup generators and full-time UPS to ensure that most weather events will not interrupt operations.

To ensure proper staffing, sites should be accessible to multiple forms of transportation to ensure staff continuity. Since weather conditions can make staff travel difficult, the site should be equipped with cooking, sleeping, and showering accommodations, and staffed with a core of workers who are compensated to stay onsite through the duration of a weather emergency.

Technology Backup Plans

The facility should be set up with redundant dial tone and Internet providers to increase the chance that one system or the other will be functioning during a disaster. Modern technology makes it possible for calls to be answered remotely or via cell if necessary, and answering service employees, as well as clients, can be provided with online access to their files and emails. This can be done through Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to prevent unauthorized access.

To prevent information loss, the system should also have data backups and battery backups in place.

Select An Answering Service Prepared For Continual Service

For customers located in coastal areas where storms can knock out services for extended times, having emergency backup plans and using an answering service is particularly important. However, bad weather can strike anywhere, so smart business owners must protect their company from any type of disruption with emergency backup systems.

Rite Response offers 24/7 virtual assistance in English and Spanish while having many other emergency backup measures in place to preserve your data. For more information, contact us at (713) 868-7500 or (866) 838-RITE.

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