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Business Continuity: Rite Response 24-Hour Answering Service Keeps You In Touch During Emergencies

Contact_Us_ImageRite Response’s Texas answering services include a state-of-the-art Business Continuity program that ensures your important calls are handled and directed properly in the event of an emergency such as a hurricane or tropical storm. Many organizations are unprepared or under-prepared for the effect that natural disasters can have on the bottom line. Safety and success depends on the effectiveness of an answering service, especially in states and cities in proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Rite Response is Houston’s solution for a virtual assistant that keeps the lines of communication open during emergencies.

Plan for emergencies with a simple answering service solution:

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates…

  • Over 40% of businesses affected never reopen following a disaster.
  • Of the remaining companies, at least 25% will close within two years.
  • Over 60 % of businesses confronted by a major disaster close within two years, according to the Association of Records Managers and Administrators.

The Rite Response Business Continuity phone answering service program combines live and automated answering services supported by state-of-the-art technology, dual-redundancy and uninterrupted availability. So, even if landlines go down, Rite Response’s virtual answering services can reach a cell phone or send a text message, providing assurance that your enterprise won’t crumble in the wake of a disaster or emergency.

With technology supported by the telecommunications industry, Rite Response keeps you in touch with simple virtual assistant solutions that won’t cost a fortune, and can help you keep from losing yours in the storm. Pre-scripted voicemail messages and remote call forwarding are a couple easy ways to keep information flowing during chaos, allowing you and your clients to remain calm. The Rite Response Spanish answering service provides a solution for a wide variety of customers.

Houston and Dallas businesses need to be prepared for everything, and Rite Response’s Business Continuity Program featuring 24 hour virtual assistance and English/Spanish answering services can keep you on track when the lights go out.

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