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Professional response. Improved bottom line.

Text_MessageRite Response offers automated services to cost effectively improve your operational efficiency.

Voice Mail, (with or without extensions/sub-boxes)

Voice mail boxes can be utilized alone or with numerous extensions and/or sub-boxes. If you would like to give your caller the option of reaching a live representative, please see “Voice Mail with Operator Revert.”

Sample Script:
“Thank you for calling Sadler Enterprises, for address and fax information please press 1, for directions, please press 2, for the accounting department please press 3, if you would like to leave a message in our general mail box, please press 4”

Voice Mail with Operator Revert

A custom greeting will be recorded, (by our company or yours, or you may upload a professionally produced greeting into our system). The caller will hear this greeting and will be instructed to press 0 for a representative if their call qualifies, (which will be pre-determined by you). Once they press 0, it will transfer to a live representative.

Sample Script:
“Thank you for calling The Med Center; our regular business hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. If you have an urgent matter than can not wait until the next business day, please press 0 now and a representative will assist you. If you are calling regarding an appointment, prescription refill or a general office matter, please leave us a message after the tone-Thank you.”, (or they can be instructed to call back during regular business hours).

If a voice mail message is left, we can then send it in a .WAV file format to your desktop, or you may call and retrieve it.

Call Routing & Transfer

Web Integration

Our professionals can enter information into your web site or obtain information from your web site while assisting your callers.

Database Interaction

We can interact with your database by real time access or schedule transfer.

Text Messaging

Our professional representatives will take your message and then with a quick keystroke, send it in its entirety, on to you as a text message. No more pen and pad, no more calling in for messages! There are methods in place to verify text message delivery. Text messages can be sent to any wireless devise.

Alpha Paging

A representative, after taking a message for you, will send it in its entirety to your alpha numeric pager. No more pen and pad, no more calling in to pick up messages!


We will be happy to e-mail your messages to you, as often as you prefer. Messages can be e-mailed to one person, several or to groups, as well.


We will be happy to fax your messages to you, as often as you prefer. Messages can be faxed to one person, several or to groups, as well.

Combination Service

Utilize our reliable voice mail system with an operator revert functionality. Your callers have the option of pressing “0” for an operator at any time.

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