Answering Services For Restaurants

As a restaurant owner, you get a lot of calls from customers about reservations, takeout orders, or with questions about your hours, menu or events. While these are all generally easy things to handle, they take time away from your staff managing customers in person. And in the case of a restaurant, answering the phone in a timely manner and providing fast, friendly and accurate service is critical if you hope for repeat customers.

Rite Response Offers Customized Answering Services For Restaurants

Rite Response provides answering services for restaurants so that you can free up your staff’s time and ensure you never miss another call. Choose from Live Answering Services or Automated Services, or a combination of the two, to find the customized solution that best fits your restaurant’s needs. We can provide:

  • 24/7 answering services so you never miss a call, even after business hours.
  • Reservation scheduling and confirmation.
  • Order taking and processing, including taking payment information.
  • General inquires.
  • Many other services including call center functions.

Extend Your Staff Without Extending Your Budget

You might wonder how an outside firm would be able to do all of this, and the answer is simple: we train our phone representatives to act an extension of your restaurant staff. Our representatives are so knowledgeable about your menu and services that when a customer calls and we answer, they have no idea they are not speaking with someone physically at your restaurant.

Best of all, you can utilize our answering services as often or as little as you need. Use us only during busy times, or turn an entire aspect – like reservations or takeout orders – over to us. This flexible model improves efficiency and productivity and eliminates the need for you to hire additional in-house staff.

We Do Answering Services Rite

When you own a restaurant, every call is important! Contact Right Response today at 866.838.RITE or 713.868.7500 or complete our website contact form to the right to learn more about our answering services for restaurants.

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