Answering Services For E-Commerce Businesses

Answering Services For E-Commerce

For E-Commerce businesses that sell goods or services online, there are no set hours of operation. Your online store, whether it is a multi-million dollar enterprise or a mom-and-pop shop selling handmade soap, is always open. This is great for customers who prefer to shop online at all hours, and great for you because you never miss a sale. The challenge comes when customers expect to be able to get live help whenever they’re shopping – even if that’s at 3AM. Whether it is a simple question about a product, or they need help ordering, your E-Commerce business depends on reliable, round the clock answering services.

Rite Response Offers Flexible Answering Services For E-Commerce

Rite Response provides answering services for E-Commerce sites day and night. We can be your full time answering service, or we can fill in during the times when you have no or limited staff on hand. We offer both Live Answering Services and Automated Services to find a solution that fits your business model. Some of our services include:

  • 24/7 answering services so that your customers can shop with confidence around the clock.
  • Live online chat and customer service email management.
  • Product information and general company inquiries.
  • Order taking and processing, including taking payment information.
  • Call center and marketing functions to help grow your E-Commerce business.

 We Know Your Products As Well As You Do

We employ highly-skilled phone representatives with a variety of backgrounds in everything from sales to medical office coding. So you can be sure that, as an E-Commerce site owner, you will have only skilled sales people answering your calls and assisting customers with their questions and orders. Before we ever answer your calls, our phone representatives will know your product line inside out.

Let Us Take Your E-Commerce Business To The Next Level

When you run an E-Commerce site, a missed call could be a missed sale. Contact Rite Response today at 866.838.RITE or 713.868.7500 or complete our website contact form to the right to learn more about our answering services for E-Commerce businesses.

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