Rite Response National Reach | Houston Answering Services that Reach Industries Across the Board

Medical_RCRite Response, the most trusted telephone answering service in Houston, TX and available nationwide, proudly offers reliable, constant phone answering, emergency continuity and bilingual virtual receptionist services for a variety of industries. Rite Response features advanced answering services for clients in Houston and around the country, providing emergency continuity via redundant call centers, ensuring each client that communication remains open in any circumstance.


Rite Response phone answering services provide contact solutions for medical practices both large and small, ensuring that emergency lines remain open and clients can depend on phone line operation when they need it most. Most medical offices receive many calls on a daily basis. When patients need anything from a routine appointment to emergency medication advice, Rite Response knows each call is critical.

Energy, Oil and Gas

Rite Response, with Houston-based answering services, provides nationwide communication solutions for enterprises in the oil, gas and energy industries. When fielding calls from investors and clients in remote locations at all hours, Rite Response keeps you in touch when it counts, from customer’s questions to disaster recovery. Every voice is heard.


Legal firms and enterprises rely on Rite Response’s answering and virtual assistance whenever client calls are crucial – which is all the time. Legal enterprises need to be available at all hours and in all situations, which is why they depend on Rite Response.

Small Businesses

Small Businesses as well rely on Rite Response’s stable, redundant answering services, allowing for each and every important order, tracking question or business opportunity to find its connection. When each call is a chance for growth and security, Rite Response is the answer.

Fortune 100

Fortune 100 companies across the country rely on Houston’s Rite Response telephone answering services to keep the gears turning. Whether it’s a bilingual receptionist, emergency business continuity or simple phone answering services, Rite Response ensures no one is left holding the phone.

Education, Real Estate, Travel, and More

Rite Response also provides telephone answering, virtual assistants and bilingual receptionist services to clients in the education, real estate and travel industries, among many others, providing proven value across the board when you need to stay in touch.

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